Make your logo unique

Make a logo that speaks to your brand with logo design in Seattle

We combine strategic insight and creative thinking to deliver inspiring ideas that make a real, meaningful, and iconic logo for your business at an affordable price!

The Process

You tell us what you need and your requirements. We also research your industry, company objective, and marketing goal.


Get logo proposal

We will provide many logo concepts to you and allow you to choose


Logo Revision

If you have any suggestions and modifications, feel free to provide us


Logo delivery

Get your customized logo after multiple revisions and modifications.

Why design a custom logo for your business

A unique and custom logo gives your business a visual identity that allows your company to communicate with potential customers. A custom logo is an excellent device to set a clear distinctive identity from your competitors, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to create a first impression and take place in your customers’ minds so they can easily recognize your business later. So it is crucial to make a unique and attractive logo with good graphic design.

Montreal logo Designer

We design professional and high-quality logos with guiding principles

Our custom designers design your logo based on proven principles and formulas.

We design simple: We believe “ less is more”; that’s why our custom logo is always simple but draws instant attention and is easily memorable. Our Custom logo designers are experts in conveying a core message in a simple design.

Our design is relevant:

Our custom logo designer always creates a logo relevant to your branding strategy.


Our designers are experts in designing a meaningful custom logo with better inspiration.


We always design world-class logos with our advanced design tools for your business.

Deliverable Files For Design Work

Logo Design Seattle uses a diverse collection of technologies to produce great digital solutions, with the purpose of empowering entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises through technology and creativity. We create designs of the future and provide a digital experience to maximize business success.
Custom logo design, result-driven marketing strategy, and the development of reliable websites are the main focuses of our strategic plan. Starting with a central notion, we connect keywords and related concepts to create a diagram of our clients’ ideas. We concentrate on the color scheme after establishing the concept we’ll use. No hue, in our opinion, can be said to be “better” than any other, yet each one can convey a different message. The business logo will thereafter be the subject of a competition between dozens of designers. client will consequently receive dozens of designs made specifically for their company, have the chance to provide input, and receive as many modifications as they like. Finally, Editors of Logo Design Seattle will allow our clients to select their favorite, take full control of it, and download high-resolution assets.

Montreal logo Designer